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Welcome to will show you the unique and exclusive watercolors collection of the villas, palaces, churches and arches planned by Renaissance architects Andrea Palladio, Vincenzo Scamozzi and other commissioned watercolors from Italy and around the world. Drawn by Giovanni Giaconi, these drawings were “hand made” between 1995 and 2014.
Giovanni Giaconi is the author of "Vincenzo Scamozzi (1548-1616)" published by dolp, Vicenza, February 2014, “ANDREA PALLADIO acquarelli di Giovanni Giaconi” published by dolp, Vicenza 2009, and “THE VILLAS of PALLADIO” published by Princeton Architectural Press. New York October 2003.
Over the last several years Giaconi has begun accepting commissions for house portraits, applying the same technique to other kind of buildings.
Made with pencil, ink, and watercolors, Giaconi’s renderings are exact in every detail and drawn precisely to scale, in the context of the tradition of architectural representations.
The books by Giovanni Giaconi, are an outstanding gifts for serious lover of architecture, Italian culture,Palladio and Scamozzi.

Giovanni Giaconi is available for commissions and assignments.

Please contact him directly:

Tel: +39.3393291592 +39.0444.320719 or

From the press

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LOUIS VUITTON: 100 Legendary Trunks. The tools section. December 2010 (France)

DEPARTURES MAGAZINE - March-April, 2009:
"Inspired by a Renaissance master, Giovanni Giaconi creates exquisite architectural renderings for today...You don't have to own a villa, whether it's a castle or a town house, a country place, a city home, I can draw it." by Celia McGee. (USA)

GENTE VIAGGI - September, 2008:
"D'estate vive a Creta. Pratica e insegna windsurf alla Freak Station, è lì che l'ho conosciuto, sulla spiaggia di Kouremenos, una manciata di chilometri dalla più famosa Vai, sulla costa nordest dell'isola..." di Marco Pagani. (Italy)

DCASA - La Repubblica, May 31, 2008:
"La differenza principale è che loro non hanno Palladio, perciò lo sognano proprio perche' è lontano, e spesso, devo riconoscere, lo conoscono meglio di noi italiani" di Francesca Gentile. (Italy)

TRADITIONAL HOME, September 2005:
For armchair travelers, try Italian watercolorist Giovanni Giaconi's beautifully illustrated The Villas of Palladio, which includes American architect Kim Williams' brief descriptions of each villa. by Hugh Howard and Doris Athineos. (USA)

COUNTRY LIFE, November 2003:
This is a timely and beautiful book in fact it is so fine that it deserves to be called a volume. The drawings are coloured and highly finished. by Colin Amery. (UK)

INTERIOR DESIGN, October 2003:
"Sometimes drawings are more informative than photographs. This is certainly true for Palladian facades, where proportions and planar relationships merit exact study." (USA)

"...carefully scaled, meticulously detailed, lovingly colored...the watercolors form a wonderful historical record of the villas' condition today...Giaconi brings a fluid grace to his subject, perhaps acquired while riding the surf." by Clifford A. Pearson. (USA)

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