ANDREA PALLADIO acquarelli di Giovanni Giaconi

ANDREA PALLADIO acquarelli di Giovanni Giaconi.
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Publisher: dolp_dove osano le parole - Vicenza.
Language: Italian and English.
Printed and bound in Italy.
Paper: arcoprint edizioni ivory color 140gr.
Author: Giovanni Giaconi
136 pages, 65 four-color plates
8.5 x 12 x 0.9 in, 21.5 x 30 x 2 cm
ISBN 978-88-95685-09-0
Paperback edition 2019. Copertina flessibile 2019.
Publication date April 2009.
Price: € 30 + € 20 spedizione in tutto il mondo/shipping worldwide.
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Giovanni Giaconi, 53, is an illustrator of historic buildings and private homes, with his technique (survey+pencil drawing+watercolor) and a native from Vicenza, the northern Italian town transformed by Andrea Palladio, the influential 16th century architect who brought classic Roman proportions to Renaissance buildings.
In his new book Andrea Palladio acquarelli di Giovanni Giaconi he shows a new collection of watercolors of palaces, churches, villas and arches planned by Palladio.
This book offers the public a selection of 34 masterpieces of Palladio, a "gallery" where culture, elegance, aesthetic taste come together so that they realise, through many two-dimension “portraits”, a whole portrait. Of Palladio and his work. But also of their refined painter.
Over the last several years Giaconi has begun accepting commissions for house portraits, applying the same technique to other kind of buildings.
Made with pencil, ink, and watercolors, Giaconi's renderings are exacting in every detail and drawn precisely to scale.

An outstanding gift for serious lover of architecture, Italian culture and Palladio.

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Include watercolors of: Arco delle scalette, Arco Bollani, Basilica Palladiana, Casa Cogollo, Chiesa del Redentore, Loggia del Capitaniato, Palazzo Chiericati, Palazzo Civena, Palazzo Porto al Castello, Palazzo Porto, Palazzo Valmarana Braga, Porta Gemona, Teatro Olimpico, Tempietto Barbaro, Villa Almerico "The Rotonda", Villa Angarano, Villa Badoer, Villa Barbaro, Villa Caldogno, Villa Cornaro, Villa Emo, Villa Foscari "The Malcontenta", Villa Godi, Villa Pisani - Bagnolo, Villa Pisani - Montagnana, Villa Poiana, Villa Porto, Villa Saraceno, Villa Sarego, Villa Thiene, Villa Trissino, Villa Valmarana Bressan, Villa Zeno, Hommage to Vincenzo Scamozzi - The Rocca Pisana.
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Please note that the logo "Giaconi Publications" does not appear in the actual pages of the book