Hello Giovanni,

Your book is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world.

I love the Octagon church. And reading about the dilemma this shape caused in creating a roof. The Italians were geniuses in engineering and architecture during the Renaissance.

I am happy to be half Italian ;)

Again, thank you. It is my morning read.

Pamela, Virginia USA

We purchased your book from ALibris (where I buy all of the books on Palladio I can find), and was delighted to find it to be most elegant and beautiful. Congratulations. Tantissimi auguri e saluti e complimenti.

We (actually my husband Richard H. Rush) purchased the Villa Cornaro from the Italian Government (L'Ente per le Ville Venete) in 1969 and we restored it and furnished it over a period of twenty years.

We are delighted to have it in such good hands for the future as those of Carl Gable and Sally They have maintained it beautifully and we are most proud and pleased about of the work they have done not only to maintain the Villa and to continue to open it to the public and host charitable benefits but to "spread the word" so to speak about our beloved Palladio and Venice and Italy (books and web pages and lectures).

Your book is truly a delight and as I am a watercolor artist I can appreciate your work very much.

Most sincerely
JR, Florida USA

Dear Mr. Giaconi,
As I was researching the work of Andrea Palladio, "La Rotonda" in particular, I chanced upon your Web site.
Your paintings are so intricate and complex, I find them absolutely lovely - so lovely, in fact, that I am compelled to thank you for their creation.

Your talent is inspiring and the execution, captivating!

Your paintings, in some sense, remind me of...or more precisely, feel akin
to, the work of the film director, Peter Greenaway. Perhaps this is a stretch, but your work reveals a similarly somber ambience that I find fascinating in its timelessness.Once again, I thank you for imbuing your work with such beauty.
I remain inspired by your talent.
Most sincerely,
SMB, Kentucky USA
Ciao Giovanni,
My husband and I visited Vicenza three times to visit the various Palladio buildings in the area and we have seen most of the villas on the poster. We are delighted to have the opportunity to buy it, which we considering doing when we were in Vicenza, but didn't want to bother carrying a tube for the rest of our trip. Please have the poster inscribe it as follow: "For Mitchell and Meredith Saltzman as a remembrance of your Palladio trip. Andiamo!"
Grazie molto !
MS, New York City USA

I just wanted to thank you for the posters I received. I lived in Dueville, north of Vicenza for 3 years and studied Palladio's buildings as a hobby that continues for me today. Your artistic vision is perfection for these buildings. Grazie mille.
KP, South Carolina USA

Smooth transaction, great drawings.
MD, Australia

Mr. Giaconi,
Just to inform you that the prints arrived perfectly last week and that they are better than what we expected from the Internet.
Thanks very much,
DR, Madrid, Spain

I love your work! I'm jealous of your talent.
Absolutely great service. Beautiful poster!!!!!!
GB AIA, South Carolina USA

Spectacular watercolours, amazingly responsive, delightful seller-grazie mille!
LMcP, Alabama USA

Gentile S. Giaconi,
Ho ricevuto oggi i miei affissi  - molte grazie, sono favolosi!  Spero che siano altri nel futuro :-)
cordiali saluti,
Fast service from Italy - Posters of the highest quality - bellissimi!!!
Don't miss out on these posters!
SK, Seattle WA USA

Spectacular posters! Excellent communication, packing and shipping!
LH, California USA

I am an architect and spent a summer studying in Vicenza, Italy. I had dinner at la Rotonda and studied in the library of the Basilica. I will treasure these prints !
Thank you  
Delighted with beautiful posters. High quality. Highly recommend.
SM, Virginia USA

I think your work is fantastic.
Thank you very much,
Beautiful high quality prints signed by the very talented artist.
LS, Virginia USA

I look forward to hanging this poster with my Fornasetti grouping ! I think it will fit perfectly !! Thank you so !!
RJ, Ohio USA

LB, Israel
I received the posters and they look fantastic! Thank you for signing them!
LP, New York City USA